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The Natty Dread

When I was growing up a Rastaman was seen as a righteous and honourable man, an upstanding member of the community who garnered respect and admiration from his family and friends. A Rastaman was respected by everyone, even those who held different religious views, because of their resistance to Black oppression, dedication to clean living and their endless path to wisdom.

The Digital Collection

A collection of original pen and ink drawings, digitally manipulated, providing a rare view of Jon Judace art in colour and an even rarer use of digital art.
Details to follow...

Highlights from the Differentiate Exhibition

The Dust has settled and the exhibition is over, Thursday night saw an explosion of South London Art in the heart of Hackney with new art collections from Amanda Denise Graham, Felix Price and Jon Judace.
All Artists displayed original collections, with some works put up for auction, the one night special held at NuDawn Hackney, ran from 7pm till midnight. The night included an exhibition and auction, with charity donations being made to the RNIB and FightforSight Charities.

NZN original in full view @ DIFFERENTIATE

The Differentiate Exhibition is just two weeks away, and proceedings are well underway.

The Eye of Horus

A preparatory meeting for the upcoming exhibition, provided the perfect props for this snap captured today at NuDawn.

For more pictures like this and daily updates, follow me on Instagram and Facebook @jonjudace.

The Differentiate Exhibition, curated by Jon Judace

Another monumental entry on my Life list can be ticked off soon, as I am curating my first exhibition.

It is every artists wish for their work to be seen in a gallery exhibition, so that alone would have been a dream for me, but to be able to manage the project of putting the whole thing together? is a lucid dream, by comparison.


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  • I can only buy quality designed greeting cards, Loving these designs by @jonjudace, purchased at Treasures on Portland Road.

  • Well deserved stylish,unique,can't stop marveling at the quality, talent, first rate customer service, fascinating conversation with a cool,calm, hardworking gifted young man! your efforts are not going unnoticed Jon keep it up Exellent!

  • Thank you so much for having us last night at your Differentiate Art Exhibition. It was lovely meeting you and the other artists.
    We are so grateful for your support and your reasons behind supporting us - we hope the rest of the evening went well and that you had a lot of interest for your pieces.
    It would be great to hear how you got on and to also know if you have any other events that we could maybe come along to to raise awareness about the RNIB and sight loss.
    We look forward to hearing from you and well done again for a great night!
    Kind regards,

  • I am very excited to see more of Jon Judace's work, its refreshing to see an artist with so much to offer. I purchased a bag recently and love it (quality and stylish), whenever I wear it people are always complimenting or asking where I purchased it from! X

  • .......todo lo ke he visto de el tiene algo especial y unico....te hace sentir algo diferente cuando lo posees....brillante!!!

  • "Love my Limited Edition calendar by the fantastically talented Jon Judace, it's the little things" :D

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